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Free 900 Call Blocking


Now you can have the option to ask that your local company block all calls to 900 numbers dialed from your home or business phone.

The 900 service allows you to reach a variety of long distance and entertainment sources on a pay-per-call basis. But you an some other customers may prefer to have access to these services blocked. Blocking prevents connections to all 1-900 or 0 + 900 dialing. The call-blocking option is available only to those customers who are on one-party lines in exchanges, such as yours, with the central office capable of restricting these calls.

If you would like to have access to 900 numbers blocked, please fill out this form and return it to the the Schaller Telephone Office. There will be no charge to you for having the 900 call blocked.

After the 900 access blocking begins, you may, at any time, request a lift of the blocking from your phone so calls can go through 900 numbers. Once blocking has been lifted, if you request that 900 access to be restricted again, a charge will apply to reinstall call blocking.

If you have any questions about 900 call blocking, please call a service representative at Schaller Telephone Company.

Request for Access Blocking
YES - I request that you block access to all 900 phone numbers from my phone service.
NO - I request that you DO NOT BLOCK access to all 900 phone numbers from my phone service.


In making this Application, the undersigned agrees to the rules and regulations of Schaller Telephone Company as set forth in this tariff and Communications Policy, and to the general changes in rules or rates for the service furnished under this Application.
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Phone Number _________________________________
Signature: _________________________________
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